Crown Of Life Ministries

Children Ministry


Crown of Life Ministry, originated from Toba Tek Singh, a small District of Pakistan, is for the poor children and people in the very backward and outreach areas of Pakistan.

Most of the people are illiterate and work as servants under the feudal Lords. These Christin servants are treated as slaves. They are purposely low-paid servants. These masters don't want these Christian servants to live a prosperous and well-to-do life. They even don't want Christian children to go to school. Because if these Christian get themselves educated then who will work for them? These "Pharaohs" are afraid of losing their slaves. They don't want Christians to study and see the Light of Wisdom and Word of God.

The kids who are studying at the moment were treated like slaves too. Besides giving them education, we are also trying to give them light through the Word of God and are trying to tell them about the love of God. But God demonstrates His love towards us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans. 5:8).

 Adult Ministry

The mission of Adult Ministries is to prepare, challenge, and inspire women and men to a life of Christian discipleship. It is our desire and mission that every adult become a full and fulfilled disciple of Jesus Christ, and that each person will have a passion for Christian service, whether it is across the street or around the globe.


There is no area more important in the structure of a church than the instruction, love and development of our kids. Crown of Life Ministries Pakistan goes to great lengths to provide them honest Biblical instruction in a safe and caring environment.

Kids Choir is a lively addition to Kid’s. Church. The kids of our ministry are exposed to a wide variety of popular as well as traditional Christian music and actively perform at special church functions year round. 

School for the bricks kiln Children
We have opened the school for Brick Kiln Children and street Children at their work place. These children come to school after their work. At present we have 80 students from different religious backgrounds from grades 1 to 5 (but still there are hundreds to whom we are unable to provide this opportunity because of financial problems & lack of schools on their workplaces). These children are from very poor families and cannot afford schooling. We are running school with the objective to provide these poor children a better education free of cost. We support them by providing them school uniforms, books and stationary material.

Bible School
Our Teachers and volunteer members arrange Bible school for children to give them religious study. We also distribute among them "children bibles", "hymn books" and "coloring books having Bible stories". The purpose is to nourish the children with the Word of God in the early age to make them better Christians.

To run these programs continuously we need your constant prayers and support. You can support us by sending us books, stationary material, children bibles and story books, clothing, toys and finances.