Crown Of Life Ministries

CLM Needs

Crown of Life Ministry has great dream for the children of Pakistan and it wants this dream to become a reality. Nevertheless, knowing the standing of its resources now and relying basically on donations, CLM has yet to go long way to make its dream come true. Nevertheless, it knows that time is of the essence, so it has to make even the smallest step to make a dent of its big dream Hence, it has to start with that is urgently needed for pursue it programs and activities. The needs include the following:

List of Required for Bible Schools:

        Digital Camera

·         Bible books

·         Bible stories books

·         Praising books

·         LED Tv

·         Religious CDs and DVDs 

Things required for poor children

·         Basic study books

·         School Uniforms

·        School Stationery

·         Whiteboards

·         Chairs and tables

·         Water Chiller 

·         School bags

 Donate Us:

 You can send your donation through Westren Union or Money gram.