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Women Ministry

Back ground of brick kiln workers:


There are total 135 brick kilns in the District of Toba Tek Singh and 20 thousands workers are working in them. Their economic and social conditions are very poor. The brick owners' behavior towards the workers is not human or moral. They consider the workers their slaves and make them to do very hard work. The workers are working in the same condition for many generations. The owners also trap the workers by giving loans so that they could not escape. They never even try to improve the living conditions of the workers. The workers are deprived from the basic needs of life like electricity, clean water, health and education.


Women at brick kilns:


Women suffer in all cases, especially in a country like Pakistan, where male domination is strong, worse thing is that these women are not paid anything for their work, only the male members working the brick kiln get money for the bricks made. This increases the dependency of the women on the men, and they further advantage of her alienation.


Disabled Women:


Worse is the fate of Disabled women.  If any woman is living in areas where brick kilns and these women are don't have homes of their own but the homes belong to brick kiln owners then the disabled women suffer more than others at the brick kilns. There is nobody to help them and on top of it the brick kiln owners want them to work with the able bodied people and they do, to make matters worse these disabled women are very often not paid for the work they do.
Sewing Centre 
“I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters; you were doing it to me”!   Matthew 25:40 

The ministry is also working for woman. For this special task we have opened (1) one school, in which young girls and women are engaged in it. This is for those women who have knowledge of Sewing and Embroidery work, the senior students are also supporting to their junior students (young girls) the Christians women are very hard working, much interested in works and also want to support their families. The classes began evening 4:00 Pm to 6:00 Pm. Two (2) volunteer instructors and 06 students are working in this Centre.

We want to increase this Sewing Centre in villages also, because there are so many girls an women who want to support their families financially. So, through Sewing Centre they can learn this skill full work and earn something for their families. We humbly request for this wonderful task.

  We need for our present and New Sewing Centre;

1) One Machine Cost   $100

2) One sezier  Cost       $05 
3) Sewing Teacher Salary  $ 150 Per Month